BEST Deal on Home Brew Kegs

taps1Author’s Note: Post contains affiliate links.

Are you tired of bottling your home brew yet?  I only bottled my very first batch before I knew I would have to make the switch to kegging.  It’s SO much better!!

  • No finding/scrubbing/sanitizing bottles!
  • No messy bottling process!
  • No uncertain carbonation levels (bye bye gushers & bottle bombs!)
  • No waiting a month to sample your brew!
  • No more wasting a full bottle for a small sample!
  • Look like a total BAD ASS serving beer on tap at your house!

So, it’s clear… kegging is AWESOME!  Unfortunately, we all know how expensive kegging can be. Purchasing used corny kegs at a local home brew store can cost $70-$100 per keg.  When I decided that I was finished with bottling, I scoured the internet for reasonably priced kegs.  I discovered the best prices on the internet through Adventures in Homebrewing.  (Even better than Craigslist!)  They sell used corny kegs starting at $34.99!  Sometimes they even run special discounts as low as $27.99!!  Check out the links below for the best deals online for corny kegs:

For 5-gallon corny kegs at awesome prices, follow the links below.  Pin Lock vs. Ball Lock is a matter of preference.  Ball Lock kegs tend to be preferred because they usually have a pressure-release-valve (PRV) on the lid.  Pin locks tend to be shorter and less expensive.


Product Price Availability
5-Gallon Pin Lock $44.99 (on sale now!) Year Round
5-Gallon Pin Lock w/ Loose Handle** $27.99 Extremely Limited
5-Gallon Ball Lock $69.99 Year Round
5-Gallon Ball Lock (Low Profile) $59.99 Year Round
5-Gallon Ball Lock w/ Loose Handle** $39.99 Limited
5-Gallon Ball Lock w/ Loose Handle (no PRV)** $29.99 Extremely Limited

** “Loose handle” kegs are any kegs identified to have moderate imperfections, for example: a loose handle or slice in the rubber.  

I was initially skeptical of the kegs’ quality, because they are priced so much better than anywhere else. So I decided to order three “loose handle” kegs to test.  I had to replace the o-rings ($2.75) and clean them out with PBW, but they hold pressure perfectly.  After my initial order, I bought 7 more to fill out my kegerators. Only two of my ten kegs had even slightly loose handles.  These are very limited in availability, because Adventures in Homebrewing only offers them for sale when quite a few imperfect kegs have been set aside.  When they go on sale, they disappear quickly.  If you check the link, and they are available, do not hesitate for too long!

If brand new kegs are more your style, and you don’t want to worry about cleaning or replacing o-rings, these $84 BRAND NEW corny kegs (LIMITED offer) are a serious value.  These are less expensive than most used corny kegs at local home brew stores!

Also, before placing an order, play around with the number of kegs you plan to buy.  Sometimes, you can save quite a bit on shipping by adding one more keg.  It was actually cheaper for me to ship 7 kegs than 6… odd, but I’ll take it!

EDIT – AIH is now offering an incredible deal on 15.5-Gallon “Keggles” with a welded coupling for $99!

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